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      The current focus is on fixing individual issues such as poverty, gender inequality, climate change, etc. All important problems - however, we believe that they will not be truly solved without a deep shift in our culture and systems - as it's them who cause and perpetuate these problems.  

      We have hence brainstormed, analyzed, and discussed to identify 6 leverage points that we see as key milestones on a roadmap towards an Age of Wisdom

         We present these points to you in the form of a Charta and invite you to discuss them in our Wisdom Chamber. The Charta serves as our framework to choose projects we work with and is meant to be converted from sentences into action, from a written roadmap to a lived reality - one that is co-created for the wellbeing of people and the planet


We co-create an Age of Wisdom

With deep respect for nature & in alignment with

our innate inner wisdom.

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I. We rethink economics to serve people & planet.

The future of humanity and its life-giving planet depends on it. Hence we reassess our assumptions and change the rules of the game.

II. We redesign our systems for everyone to survive & thrive.

Our new systems are inclusive, empowering, distributive and reintegrative by design.

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III. We apply our minds, science, technology & capital to serve people & planet.

These assets shall be our tools, not our masters. We ensure they serve everyone, equally.

IV. We reconnect to nature and learn from indigenous wisdom.

We protect our habitat, include everyone, and celebrate diversity. We rebalance the giving and receiving between us and nature.

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V. We evolve to truly be "Homo sapiens" WISE BEINGS.

We align mind, heart and action, and equally honour feminine and masculine qualities. We seek to live and create from the inside out, and are guided by love and our deeper wisdom.

VI. We join hands as an Alliance for Global Impact.

We go within to emerge a new and collaborate to co-create. We develop & apply holistic solutions and set wisdom standards. We are the bridge to the Age of Wisdom.

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Einstein -

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