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Bonfire in Sand

We gather business leaders and investors in nature, close to the elements that make all life. With the objective to facilitate a deep encounter with nature, oneself and Indigenous Elders, like e.g. the Kogi from Columbia, the Sami and Inuit from the North of Scandinavia and Greenland or the Huni Kuin and Lakota from the Americas. 

You might ask: What could an indigenous people tell us about the complex problems of our current times? What could we possibly learn about leadership, sustainability and decision making from them?

We always look for the next new thing - to be up to date, ahead of the curve. However, there is deep wisdom in what survived the trends and storms of time. Ancient knowledge and practices are key for our modern times. As neither complex problems, harsh environments nor difficult decisions are something new. Our current business problems and organisational challenges are in their core as old as humanity. So if we ask ourselves essential questions about becoming resilient and sustainable, about walking a path in harmony with nature, it is a good idea to ask those that have sustained themselves and nature in often rough territories and circumstances - for thousand of years. 



In September 2022, we spent 3 days on the island of Ekskäret Foundation
together with 18 participants and 3 Kogi Elders, experiencing the magic of nature and of the Kogi Wisdom. 

indigenous wisdom gatherings.jpg
indigenous wisdom gatherings.jpg

Sapmi - Sweden
April 20 - 24th

A Transformative Experience

for Conscious Leaders & Investors

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For this leadership retreat, we will spent 5 days in the Northern part of Sweden - experiencing the wisdom of the Sami people. To participate, please send an email with your interest.


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