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Wisdom Salons is a format in which we explore through conversations, deep listening circles and inquiry exercises what it means and what it takes to live a life of wisdom. How do we build a wise society based on an economic system there to protect all life? What are the blind spots to look at, the interest and fears behind unhealthy patterns - in our personal lives and current culture and systems. And how do we unlock our inner knowing, and make it and and the timeless wisdom of nature applicable for a flourishing life on this planet?

Photo made at the Co-Creation Loft in Berlin


Satish Kumar is a former Jain monk and most known for being an activist and inspiring speaker. He is the editor emeritus of the "Resurgence & Ecologist" magazine and has founded the renowned Schumacher College in South Devon, UK. 

We will spend an evening with him, conversing about wisdom and exploring the art of living a life full of "elegant simplicity". 

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